Welcome to Educational Software by Software Technologies LLC. We provide online services and Windows software to help with the learning, retention, and review of information, for use in schools or other learning environments. Schools or other large groups can contact us for special large quantity purchasing.

Latest News

  • Water Polo Scoreboard Pro v2 now includes two shot clock reset times to meet recent FINA 2019 rule changes.
  • Australian Rules Football Scoreboard now supports super goals and allows you to display the period time on the scoreboard.
  • Basketball Scoreboard Dual v2 now allows you to play your own videos on demand during breaks in the game.
  • MyPlay is a smart video solution to record training sessions, stream live games, and collect player's data for multiple sports.
  • Rugby Scoreboard Standard v2 is now available for all your rugby league and rugby union scoring needs. Includes our most popular features such as Video Player, Web Remote, and Score Banner.

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